CAPITALIGHT by Renzo Nucara

scultura luminosa in serie limitata 1/100

design: Renzo Nucara Craking Artist
production: FIRMA snc
n° tot of pieces: 1/100 + 1 artist’s proof

CAPITALIGHT, an emotional lighting sculpture

/ created by RENZO NUCARA
/ produced in Italy by FIRMA

CAPITAL LIGHT è la serie limitata 1/100 di opere d'arte luminose realizzate da FIRMA e firmate Renzo Nucara, Craking Artist.

The Idea behind THE STRUCTURE

The light sculpture is composed of 35 acrylic glass layers representing the 35 floors of the Capital Gate, the skyscraper in Abu Dhabi from which it takes inspiration.
Small forgotten objects and discard materials settled in each acrylic layer give color and magic to this leaning sculpture that, just like the Capital Gate, wants to absorb and channel the forces created by wind and seismic loading ... of human contamination.

The Idea behind THE LIGHT

A led light source is positioned into the base of this magic sculpture with the aim to emphasize the connection between the different elements inside each level.

CAPITALIGHT Is not for everyone!

The art work A lighting sculpture
A limited edition 100 pieces + 1 artist’s proof
Sculpture size cm 38 x 16 x 16
Materials Acrylic glass, Led, other materials

Led data
SAMSUNG Led 2216, 300 led/mt
24 V , 0,88 A , 21 W/mt
Led color 4500 K
1530 LUMEN
CE – ROHS certification

Current Transformer data
Socket current transformer
1 m cable with ON/OFF switch
Connector 5.5*2.5mm (5.5*2.1mm)
Transformer 8*4*3cm
100-240V , AC 50-60Hz , OUTPUT 24V-1A
European Plug Type
CE and FC certifications


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